Name: Olivia Krause a.k.a. Liv
Age: 23
What do you do? 
I am a multimedia creator. I take photographs and paint and draw images that are a reflection of what I love to see and dream into the world. I collage together images of my inspirations and document other artists that I believe in and want to get theirs. I imagine and create a world of abstraction and colors when reality is too mundane and grey.
What part of the Bay Area are you from?
I currently live in The Lower Bottoms in West Oakland.
What sets the Bay Area apart from major American cities?
The people that have been here and the culture that continues to thrive and survive despite gentrification, crime, violence and corruption. The Bay is resilient and does not become silent when things get hard.
What's the best part of being young and creative in The Bay Area?
The best part of being a young creative here is that if you are tapped in, you become part of a movement much larger than yourself. There is a community of conscious artists here that want to help bring awareness to social issues and what is going on in our community.
What about your surroundings influences your work?
I really love the vibrant colors, plant life, and music that I experience on my long walks and bike rides through the Bay. I find myself stopping to appreciate color combinations of buildings and the sunset composed behind someone's clothing walking by. I also love when a classic old school car drives by hella lifted slapping a hyphy song on First Friday and the street lights look just right. These are moments I want to capture in my work, when reality holds a little bit of magic.

(from an interview with Azha Luckman for ID magazine... link to full article below.)

Olivia Krause is a visual artist currently living and working out of Oakland, CA.

She graduated from California College of the Arts in 2016 where she studied painting and drawing. 

Olivia's work is often expressed through abstract painting and rapid image making.

In 2016 Olivia has been focusing on film photography and collage like illustrations to create vivid intimate spaces for the viewer. Most of her photography captures her experience living in the Bay Area and being an active member of the Oakland Creative Community.